Wiseco school scholarship – It Takes a Village

There is an old African proverb that says, “it takes a village to raise a child”. The village represents a caring community working together to enrich the child so they can thrive in a safe and healthy environment.  When we look at opportunities for growth in education and the choices that parents and students are faced with in choosing the best educational pathway, it also takes a village. 

In 2017, Wiseco Performance Products contacted our private distance learning school and commended us for the solution we have provided to the motocross community for over fifteen years by developing an online school that meets the needs of competitive athletes as well as meets the standards of accreditation.  In taking it a step further, Kevin Bailey at Wiseco, wanted to know how we could partner to create scholarships and support students with financial assistance toward tuition expenses. Immediately a village of caring community leaders was formed and this year we are proud to accept applications from deserving students for the 4th annual Wiseco Performance Products Scholarship. Recipients are chosen based on academic performance, leadership potential, community involvement, and participation in motocross. 

“We think what On Track School is doing for the sport of motocross and for our young athletes is incredible, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to be a part of that. 2021 marks Wiseco’s 80th anniversary and Wiseco remains true to its grassroots history dating back to 1941. We’re just as passionate about racing and supporting that community as we are about producing the highest quality performance pistons and components, so the ongoing partnership between On Track School and Wiseco is a natural fit!”

The recognition of our program through strong supporters of education such as Wiseco speaks volumes to the need they are helping to address one student at a time. We encourage community leaders to partner with us creating scholarships to support deserving students. It is our hope that as an industry we can be the village it takes to propel our athletes into a future of successful achievements. 

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