Our Staff

Andrea Leib

Head Coach

The world to becomes your classroom since learning takes place anytime and anywhere.

Wanda Ezell

Support Coach

On Track is a great school that will allow your student to pursue great academic possibilities.

Tasha Renfro

Operations Coach

I cannot wait to embark on this journey and together stay On Track to a bright future!

Justin Boyd

Elective Coach

It is important to have the ability to learn anywhere life takes you; I am proud to be a part of On Track!

Augusta Downey

High School Learning Coach

Traveling used to be a hobby but now it’s part of our lifestyle.

Michelle Scheller

High School Learning Coach

My son graduated from OnTrack in 2018. We loved the flexibility!

Kory Jones

Middle / High School Learning Coach

I became a teacher because I love the process of learning!

Ashley Williams

High School Learning Coach

I do not consider On Track a job, for to me it has been more than that.

Chantel LeBlanc

Elementary Learning Coach

I enjoy traveling with my family, cooking and gathering with friends.

Holly Ellis

Middle School Learning Coach

Excited to continue my teaching journey with On Track!

Jaci Brown

Middle School Learning Coach

I have been teaching and working with students for 5 years!

Danielle Arrington

High School Learning Coach

I am always encouraging others in the pursuit of learning!

Laura Brodrick

Elementary Learning Coach

I look forward to making your child’s education a wonderful experience!

Londan Cain

Assistant Coach

Hi! My name is Londan Cain, and I am so excited to be a part of On Track School!

Shay Johnston

Instructional Aide

On Track is a truly unique school and I’m glad that I get to bring my own experience here.

Kelly DeCrane

Instructional Support Coach

I’m excited to be part of your student’s educational team at On Track!

Kendal Johnson

Instructional Aide

As an ex-athlete, I understand the complexity of navigating school alongside a professional career; I love the opportunity to help people reach success in their athletics as well as academics!

Tyler Swain

Instructional Aide

I’m very thankful to be a part of the On Track team and very motivated to help students reach their goals!

Sarah Martin

Compliance Coach

My name is Sarah Martin and I am excited to be a part of On Track.

Tiffany Dahnke

Learning Coach-Middle School Math

I love the idea that students can get what they need from their school and still have time to pursue and prepare for their passions. There is so much out there to learn!

Cameron Strang

High School Science Aide / Tutor

I am so excited to be a part of the On Track School team! I can’t wait for this journey in creating the best educational experience for your child & family!

Carlie Lund

High School Learning Coach

Traveling and learning new cultures opens our mind and perspective so much, and I hope to help my students see the beauty in new places and cultures.

Jennifer Vogel

Middle School Instructional Aide

I’m so grateful to be part of On Track School and hope to help make a positive difference in each and every student and this awesome team!

April Jackson

Level I High School Math Aide

I love teaching, I love math, and I love my family and friends. My purpose in life is to make you feel successful in yours!

Kenzie Eldridge

Shipping and Sales Coach

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling to different places, and playing with my dogs.

Erica Ezell

High School English Aide & Media Team

Helping others succeed is my biggest goal. As I embark on my journey with On Track School, I hope to see myself and others build their lives and reach their goals.

Merideth Hill

Fine Arts Coach

Don’t be afraid to take unfamiliar paths. Sometimes, they’re the ones that take you to the best places.

Erika Walker

Records Coach

Being part of OnTrack School is such a blessing and my TEAM that I work with is AMAZING!!

Jillian Campbell

Elementary Instructional Aide

I love building relationships with my students and seeing those lightbulb moments. I have taught for 5 years and am excited to be a part of the On Track team!

Victoria Hollifield

High School Math and Science Aide/Tutor

Learning shouldn’t be confined to the classroom! We can learn so much more when given the freedom to learn what we want, when we want.

Kim Goodman

Instructional Aide

All children learn differently, and I am glad to be a part of this staff! I have taught virtually before, and I know from experience it is not about where you are learning, it is about the learner.

Bridgett Nix

Middle School Aide

Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised, so spend each day with those that you love, and do what makes you happy!

Shannon Czarnota

PE and Health Coach

There are many aspects of Health Education that you will use throughout your everyday life. I am here to help others understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally, and socially.

Theresa Ferry

Accounting Coach

I love riding the Harley with my husband and enjoy every minute we can with the grandkids. Also we like to travel when we can.

Kiamesha White

High School English Aide

Education can help you grow and develop into what you aspire to be. I am thankful to join On Track School to help encourage the future toward unlimited success.

Kylie Cisneros

2nd-3rd Grade Learning Coach

Students don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. I aim to show your child that I care about their education as well as their passions and life outside of school.

Rick Oehlhof

Engagement Coach

Life and learning are a constant journey with no real limits. Your mindset, your perspective and the approaches you develop along the way are critical to a successful journey! I look forward to empowering you, engaging you and helping you excel toward your goals!

Destiny Pinkston

Exceptional Coach Aide

I love that OnTrack provides my son with a flexible school schedule as well as me the opportunity to work from anywhere. I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals.

Kaylee Gobble

High School Math Aide

I am excited to be a part of On Track. I hope to give students a different perspective on learning. However, you cannot make anyone learn anything, but you can make anyone think.

Samantha Renfro


Turner Mabry Baggett


Jeff Zirkle

High School History Aide

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