Choosing the right online school requires asking questions to see if we are a good fit for each other. The Success Team is available to meet with families 1:1 and address questions and concerns as well as share our expertise in educational options so that every student can find success. We are unique, our team is dedicated to every student succeeding and as long as students are motivated and encouraged to succeed, they will.



Once the online enrollment form is submitted and the Request for Transcript form has been sent to the current school of record, your enrollment is complete. While waiting for an official transcript we can accept a recent copy of grades to date.



Once enrolled, Our Support Team will connect with you to personalize your courses and align them with your goals. Together the team (Parent, Student & Support Coach) will discuss measures to support students. We will consider individual needs and provide solutions and share this information with the Learning Coach/Coaches.

Get Ready

Begin our Orientation course where students will take a reading and math diagnostic indicating a level of mastery on standards, we do not particpate in statewide testing, rather we take the diagnostic at mid year and end of year to measure and address growth so that students can bridge any gaps as well as have the ability to accelerate. take a Power Trait survey that will provide the team with a blueprint of how they learn best and see how our program works before starting classes. Empower!


Get Set

Your Learning Coach will be on track to welcome you and meet with you virtually. Monthly meetings will be set up in advance where students will review progress on goals. Our online school community gathers for monthly webinar events that are presented by past graduates who have achieved their dreams as well as inspiring leaders.  Engage!


Your personal online educational journey begins with Google Classroom, including live sessions with your teachers and classmates as well. Students need to plan 3-4 hours per day for a blend of online and text based learning. Our curriculum is both challenging and engaging bringing interest and mastery for our students. We provide the opportunity to sign up for 1:1 coaching to help students work on their "A" game. Research shows that the more connected students are in their school community the more they excel.  Excel!


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