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On Track School provides students with a program that they can take anywhere and complete at their own pace. A K-12 school that actually fits your schedule and goes the distance to close the gaps in distance learning.



As an accredited school our program has been
recognized for demonstrating and sustaining our
commitment to continuous improvement which
validates the ability to achieve academic
success across the national standards in education.



Engaging and challenging curriculum is selected based on the expertise of our highly qualified team of educators and administrators taking into consideration how well we can personalize the content for our students to be successful.


Proven Track Record

Students and parents are empowered to succeed by taking into consideration each individual learning style. Everyone learns differently and has the opportunity to excel. Having a framework that considers strengths will boost productivity and interest in being motivated to stay on track and even get ahead.

Educational Success is Possible While Chasing Your Dreams!


Evan Ferry

I’m a 16 yr old currently competing in the125 B/C and Schoolboy 1 classes. I have been riding since I was 4 and I began competing in 2011. I am attending the private virtual school On Track School and am currently enrolled in the 10th grade. On October of 2019 I signed on to represent the Factory Rockstar Husquvarna amateur race team. I have trained with my Dad retired Professional racer Tim Ferry full time since 2018 when he agreed to allow me to do virtual school. Virtual school allows me to do my on and off-bike training and still get a top notch education. I love watching races with my friends and when training and motos are over for the day I like to do flips on my trampoline!


Fundraising events are sponsored by On Track Learning Solutions, a 501 (c)3 company.


My wife and I are so glad we made the switch from K12 to On Track this year. I feel like Conner is getting a much better education that is focused on learning instead of being focused on preparing for state mandated testing. Before we made the switch, he was beginning to hate school which I am sure would have hindered his learning in future years.
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Brian Pate

Facebook Review

If you are looking for an awesome online homeschool, look no further! The teachers are on top of everything. They stay in touch with the students to make sure they are keeping up, or have any questions or concerns. They are also very involved with any upcoming or current challenges you have whether it is school related, or not. Basically, they care. And they want you to succeed!
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Jayna Neely

Facebook Review

We are so happy that we switched to On Track. This is a great program and my son has definitely received a much better education than at the that public schools. He just graduated a year early and is looking forward to a bright future starting college classes.
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Stacey Winget Berge

Facebook Review

My son races motocross and I didn't know how I was going to get him through high school. His trainer is friends with Andrea and that is how I found out about On Track School. It has been wonderful! The teachers are great! It gives the student the flexibility to get the work done and not stress when the assignments are due. I would recommend Ontrack to any student that wants to get a high school diploma and pursue their dream!

Michelle Schoneman

Simi Valley, CA

On Track provided us with exactly what we needed for our son and our busy baseball schedule. With all of the traveling we do, the flexibility On Track brings, our son was able to balance all of his responsibilities. It truly was the perfect fit

Melissa Adams

Homeland, CA.

“One of the many benefits of our program is that the world becomes your classroom since learning takes place anytime and anywhere.”

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