On Track School is a private, nationally and internationally accredited K-12 online school.

Yes, students are required to meet with an assigned Homeroom Coach once per month for a GOAL meeting. However, all of the assignments are due Sunday night of the week assigned.

Yes! On Track School is a private, nationally and internationally accredited K-12 online school. We also have a graduation ceremony at the Lorretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross National in Tennessee.

On Track School utilizes the Google classroom as our platform to house curriculum.  

  • K - 5 consists of is a mixture of physical books and workbooks along with digital resources for the instructional material. 
  • 6 - 12 are provided with digital curriculum with the option to request supportive physical materials if desired.
  • Core classes are provided with weekly live learning instruction along with interactive lessons as well as videos throughout the course. 
  • We provide full-time teacher support which means you can request tutoring sessions for additional instruction if needed. 
  • Assignments can be completed online, printed and submitted through google classroom using their mobile app for flexibility.
  • Grades K-8 focus on Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. as well as various elective offerings. 
  • In grades 9-12 we have options so that students can be most successful, there is a choice of all online or a mixture of books and online

Our accreditation will make it possible for students to transfer their credits to return to any school without an issue. Some schools, however will only accept credits after a term is completed whether that is a semester or quarterly term.

No, tuition is based on 10 months and a 30 day written notice to cancel is required.

Assignments can be printed off so that students can work and submit their work when connection becomes available. Communication is key, let the homeroom coach know in advance.

Since our program personalizes for each student we have had much success in ensuring that there are no issues standing in the way of student success. Our Exceptional Coaches work together with our Learning Coaches on Success Plans based on student needs.

In order to gain credit toward graduation requirements, we do need a transcript to show what courses have been completed and credits assigned. If a family has been homeschooling, they can outline the curriculum and together with the diagnostic for reading and math then we can make a determination for courses based on information provided.

Students can start any time, we have open enrollment. If students enroll with grades to date, they will start on the current week listed on the school calendar. If they enroll without grades to date or have not been enrolled, we will make a determination after the diagnostics are completed taking into consideration the student goals for their graduation pathway.

At On Track we have pathways for graduation based on whether a student is planning on attending college, pursuing a vocational career, or is interested in exploring life options. Our team can work with the student and family to determine the best approach.

10% for additional siblings. $100 referral credit for referring family towards tuition. 50% off annual registration promotion at select events.  Early Bird Registration discount in April. 15% military discounts. For scholarships visit: https://ontrackschool.com/scholarships/

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