Xander Reed


From: Florida, USA | Age: 14 | Sports:  | Interests/Hobbies:

I started out in motocross at three years old. I was able to make it to Loretta's two years in a row. I then switched to carting and was able to travel overseas and race in Italy, France, Germany, and Belgium. I am now in F4. I am not old enough to race this year so I can practice as much as the budget will allow! I am on a simulator team called Coanda and I practice and race with my team towards a championship where I can earn money. I work on that most of the time. It's good experience and teaches me a lot. I recently got certified to scuba dive, I have been down to 104 feet! Its really cool and I just began spearfishing as well. I shot my first hogfish and sheepshead the other day. It was so cool. I have a big family. I have four siblings. Two are married and now I have two nieces and a nephew. They are very cool!


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