Our Staff

Andrea Leib



Executive Director / Founder

Andrea has been teaching students all over the world (including Brazil, Mexico, Spain, China and the UK) since 1994 and loves using technology to improve student learning. She started On Track School as a way to help athletes get the best education available anyone around the world.

  • M.A. Education
  • Pupil & Personnel Services
  • Teaching Credential
  • Academic Career Counseling
  • Life Success Coach
  • Member of International Assoc. of Online Learning

Wanda Ezell



Success Coordinator

I have worked for On Track for nearly twenty years, now serving in the capacity of school Success Coordinator and a member of the Leadership Team. I have a BA in History with an additional concentration in English through Provident University. During my experience working with at-risk youth, I realized that learning does not have to always take place in a “classroom” environment and that all children should be allowed to achieve their dreams and still receive a great education; an education that would move at their pace and not be dictated so much by “the system”. I enjoy supporting our students, parents, and staff with the things that they need to be truly successful in our program. I also have the privilege to speak, not only from a staff member point of view, but also from that of a parent. On Track is a great school that will allow your student to pursue great academic and life possibilities.

  • Administration
  • Curriculum Development
  • Customization
  • Teaching Humanities

Tasha Renfro



Director of Operations and Revenue

Hi! My name is Tasha Renfro and I am excited to be a part of the On Track team. I am married with 4 children, my stepson Ryan, daughter Samantha, and two sons Jordan and Trey. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in business from the University of South Carolina. I was a Store Manager for Walmart and then for Target prior to deciding to stay home to care for our youngest son Trey who suffered from a tumor at birth which resulted in a speech delay called Apraxia as well as other medical conditions. During that time our middle son, Jordan, became passionate for motocross and continues to pursue his dream to this day. Our daughter Samantha is in high school and is a JV Cheerleader. I cannot wait to embark on this new journey!

  • B.S. Degree Education
  • Corporate Manager
  • Health & Life Skills Specialist
  • Course Development
  • Sports Enthusiast

Justin Boyd



9-12 Learning Coach

I am a Florida native that has raced motocross the majority of my life. The outdoors is where I try to spend most of my time and I enjoy all action sports. I completed high school online and am excited to now help other students with their distance learning programs! For me it is important to have the ability to learn anywhere life takes you, and for that reason I am proud to be a part of On Track.

  • Experienced in Online Education
  • Distance Learning
  • Action Sports Enthusiast

Augusta Downey



9-12 Learning Coach

I feel honored to be able to help students achieve their goals – be it motocross, BMX, snowboarding, equestrian, surfing, the ice rink, or the stage. I have over twenty-five years of teaching experience, most of which have been online. I have two teenage boys who participate in extreme sports so I understand students who have an “unusual” extracurricular life and love getting to know students as they learn and pursue their passions and dreams. When I have time to spare, I enjoy horseback riding, reading and spending time at the beach. I would say traveling used to be a hobby but now it’s part of our lifestyle.

  • B.S. Degree Education
  • M.A. Degree Education
  • Health & Life Skills Specialist
  • Course Development
  • Eight Years of Service

Michelle Scheller



Exceptional Support Coach

My name is Michelle Scheller. I have been a teacher in public school systems for over 18 years. I am certified in California, Florida and North Carolina in Elementary Education and Special Education. I have taught children of all ages and learning abilities, from pre-school to college. I have my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from California University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from WVU.

  • M.A. Education
  • Teaching Credential
  • 18 Years Experience
  • Life Success Coach

Ashley Williams



9-12 Learning Coach

I started working with On Track in the Fall of 2015. I do not consider On Track a job, for to me it has been more than that. I have enjoyed teaching and inspiring young minds to learn for themselves. I teach literature and to me, it is about the journey and not the destination, for one learns more on the journey. This will be an excellent year at On Track and I cannot wait to begin teaching and inspiring young minds to enjoy literature as much as I do. Remember, Shakespeare was a merchant’s son, so anyone can become excellent readers and writers.

  • B.A. Degree Education
  • High School English Specialist
  • Online Tutoring
  • Yearbook Organizer

Chantel LeBlanc



K-5 Learning Coach

My name is Chantel LeBlanc. I am new to On Track, however I have been teaching for 14 years. I have 3 amazing boys- Brylon, Matthew and Owen, and I have been married for 21 years. I enjoy traveling with my family, cooking and gathering with friends and family.

  • B.S. Degree Education
  • 14 Years Teaching
  • Social Studies Specialist
  • Course Development

Holly Ellis



6-8 Learning Coach

I am a Georgia native but grew up in Indianapolis. My husband Ben and I now live in southern Indiana with our 2 wonderful boys, Braeden (7) and Noah (6mo) plus the goats, dogs and chickens. We own a power sport repair shop and race the IXCR/MWXC ATV circuit. I have taught for eleven years and am excited to continue my teaching journey with On Track!

  • B.A. Degree Education
  • Middle School Teaching Specialist
  • Online Tutoring
  • Sports Enthusiast

Jaci Brown



6-8 Learning Coach

My name is Jacindra Brown, I go by Jaci. I am new to On Track, but not new to the education world. I have been teaching and working with students for 5 years. I have two children, Gauge and Blakely. I have been married 6 years & enjoy spending time with my family, friends and traveling.

  • Experienced in Online Education
  • Distance Learning
  • Power Mom & Teacher

Danielle Arrington



9-12 Learning Coach

Hi, My name is Danielle. I prefer to go by Danni.
I have been teaching, tutoring, and coaching for many years. It began when I was a teenager in high school and worked with Early Childhood Education teachers and IEP coaches tutoring those with special needs. I also love sign language and music. I am married with three children. I have tutored for the last ten years and I love not only teaching but learning. My mom calls me a professional student. That passion for learning helps me not only to teach, coach, and tutor it also helps me to encourage others in the pursuit of learning!!!

  • Early Childhood/ IEP Education
  • Teaching and Tutoring Experience
  • Family Oriented
  • Sign Language Enthusiast

Laura Brodrick



K-5 Learning Coach

I have been working in education over the past fifteen years teaching students of all ages – preschool, elementary, and high school. My goal is to make learning fun and engaging! I love getting to know my students and learning about their passions. For me, the real joy in teaching is watching students overcome challenges and feel proud of their accomplishments. I look forward to partnering with your family to make your child’s education a wonderful experience for all. I live in Southern California with my husband, two sons, and daughter. In the winter we love to snowboard and year-round you can find us at one of our local beaches!

  • M.A. Degree Teaching
  • Teaching Credential
  • Literacy Advocate

Londan Cain



Director of Human Resources

Hi! My name is Londan Cain, and I am so excited to be a part of On Track School. I have received an Associates Degree in Business as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration. On Track School provides a platform for students to pursue their dream, and has a community of people who are focused on doing what is best for the student. I am so thankful to be a part of the On Track team, and look forward to all of the great things to come!

  • B.S. Degree
  • A.A.S. of Business Management
  • Enrollment Specialist

Tyler Swain



9-12 Learning Coach

I am very excited to be a part of the On Track team! My name is Tyler Swain and I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania with my wife and two Great Danes. I served in the U.S. Navy for 6 years where I was stationed on a guided missile destroyer out of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding and can be found racing at GNCC events or AMA District 6 Harescrambles. I am very enthusiastic about education and look forward to helping students meet their goals!

  • B.S. Degree in Secondary Education
  • U.S. Navy Veteran
  • GNCC and AMA District 6 Racer

Sarah Martin



9-12 Learning Coach

My name is Sarah Martin and I am excited to be a part of On Track. I am married with two boys, Colt and Mason. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensics from Jacksonville State University. Also, I hold a Juris Doctorate Degree from Birmingham School of Law. We started our journey in the motocross world with Colt in 2016 and have loved every minute of it. We have met amazing people on our journey and I can’t wait to see where we go next.

  • B.S. Degree Criminal Justice
  • Juris Doctorate Degree
  • Dirt Bike Momma

Tiffany Dahnke



6-8 Learning Coach

Hi! My name is Tiffany Dahnke. I am an Indiana native and still live near where I grew up in Lafayette/West Lafayette which is about an hour North of Indianapolis and in the heart of Purdue Boilermaker country. I am a Purdue graduate and live here with my husband and 2 teen daughters. I also have a son who lives nearby and is finishing up college while working for our family’s outdoor living construction business. He raced a little GNCC while in high school. We love all things outdoors spending much of our summers camping and on the lake! I am so very excited to continue my teaching career with On Track! I love the idea that students can get what they need from their school and still have time to pursue and prepare for their passions. There is so much out there to learn! Getting to know my students in and outside of the classroom makes me happy! Finding the best way to deliver content, meet unique needs and challenges, and build confidence in my students is what keeps me going. I have so much to learn from you and hope to teach you a few things along the way too!

  • Purdue Graduate
  • Learning Coach
  • Middle School Math Teacher

Cameron Strang



9-12 Learning Coach

Hi everyone, I am Cameron! I have been teaching elementary age for the past ten years and I absolutely love it! I have my Bachelor’s Degree & Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. I loved the idea of On Track because of the flexibility in the schedule for their students but also the “team” mindset that they show in all areas of their school. I look forward to being part of the On Track team, as well being part of your “family team” with your student! My husband races off-road for the GNCC circuit and we have two growing boys, Maverick & Tucker! We love being outside, camping, and being at the races together!

  • Masters Degree in Elementary Education
  • 10+ years in Education
  • Family Oriented

Carlie Lund



High School Learning Coach

I spend most of my time with my husband and two children. Mine and my spouse’s hobby of traveling was quickly adopted by my two children and we love traveling and exploring together. Traveling and learning new cultures opens our mind and perspective so much, and I hope to help my students see the beauty in new places and cultures. On Track embodies this goal by enabling students to travel and learn at the same time. What a wonderful opportunity to work with On Track and our students!

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Liberal Arts
  • High School Teaching Experience

Jennifer Vogel



6-8 Learning Coach

Hi! My name is Jennifer (Jen) Vogel and it’s such a pleasure to be a member of the On Track Team. I have been a teacher for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to work with students and their families from the ages of Kindergarten to 12th grade, in both traditional and virtual settings. Since my dad was in the military, I grew up living and traveling throughout the USA and Europe during my school years. After receiving my B.A. from the University of Mississippi, I moved to Southern California and I met my husband, where we raised our 3 amazing kids and made awesome memories. We moved to Texas in 2019 and despite the occasional humidity, love it here and are blessed to call it home! I’m so grateful to be part of On Track School and hope to help make a positive difference in each and every student and this awesome team!

  • B.A. Degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • Teaching Credential
  • 20+ Years Educational Experience

April Jackson



9-12 Teachers Aide

I love to teach math, and I have been teaching math for 19 years in grades 9-12. I love to see my students stress-free in math class, and I love to see their faces light up with excitement because they finally got the grade they wanted on a big math test. I also love to spend my spare time fishing, watching my son race motocross, and watching my daughter at her horse shows. I love to teach math! I really do! I am famous for saying, “Isn’t this fun!” while in math class. So, if I teach you or tutor you, I am sure you will hear me say it a lot.

I have two children, PJ is 16 and Abbie is 9. PJ races motocross and Abbie plays volleyball and competes with horses English Equestrian in competitions. We all love to spend time together and our favorite non-extreme sport is fishing.

I have a Bachelors in Business Administration-Accounting, and I currently hold a North Carolina Highly Qualified Educator Certification for Grades 6-12. I entered the Education field through the lateral entry program, and have been teaching Math at the High School level for 20 years. I have also held a Florida and Virginia Educator Certification for Grades 6-12. I have graduate-level courses of 18+ hours in math and education as well as 9 hours in CPA Certification credits.

  • Bachelors in Business Administration-Accounting
  • North Carolina Highly Qualified Educator Certification for Grades 6-12
  • Educator of Math at the High School level for 20 years

Kenzie Eldridge



Curriculum and Shipping Specialist

Hi! My name is Kenzie Eldridge and I am so excited to be part of On Track. I spend most of my time with my husband, son, and our 4 dogs. I am a military spouse, and I love the opportunity that the military provides with traveling and that On Track provides with taking work with me wherever we go. I look forward to all the great adventures and things to come with being a part of On Track.

  • Curriculum and Shipping Specialist
  • Military Spouse

Erica Ezell



9-12 Learning Coach Assistant

I am married to my beautiful wife Makayla, and we are currently stationed in Alaska due to the Air Force. We love to see new places, new faces, and jump into new opportunities. On Track is where I started. I am a high school aide and am working towards my degree in education at Thomas Edison State University. I hope that as students grow and reach their goals, that I can also reach my goals too because that is what On Track School is all about.

  • Working towards my degree at Thomas Edison State University
  • On Track School Graduate

Merideth Hill



Fine Arts Coach

My name is Merideth Hill and I live in South Carolina with my husband, Scotty, and son, Ryder. I graduated from Winthrop University in 2009 and spent 11+ years teaching visual art in public middle and high schools. I learned about OnTrack when our son raced at MiniOs for the first time in 2021 and I knew then, there was something special about the school. In January 2022, God placed it on my heart to take a leap of faith in my career and try something new– so here I am!

My goal as an educator has always been to build meaningful relationships with my students in order to help them discover their artistic talents and see in themselves what they might not see. I can’t wait to work with the OnTrack students and their families, and see what paths the future holds for them!

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education (Certification in South Carolina)
  • 11+ Years Teaching Experience
  • Artist – Specializing in Pet Portraits, Calligraphy, & More
  • Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist
  • “Moto Mama”

Erika Jones



Enrollment Team Lead

I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Texas almost 2 years ago and absolutely love it!! I worked in a Charter school in California in the Records department for about 4 years, before starting with On Track. I have 4 children who are all adults and I am “Bamma” to 2 wonderful grandkids! I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 2 years ago and like I tell everyone, “I’ll take fries with my shakes!” I will not let it get me down!! I love photography and taking long drives out in the country, taking pictures of everything that catches my eyes! Being part of On Track School is such a blessing and my TEAM that I work with is AMAZING!!

  • Records Experience
  • Parkinson’s will not get me!

Kim Goodman



High School Learning Coach

Hi! My name is Kim Goodman and I am excited to be a part of the On Track team. I am married with 4 children, one on the way, and we currently live in South Carolina. As a family, we are very into sports and center our schedule around them! We have four active boys involved in football, basketball, baseball, and really anything that has to do with exercise. My husband is a head high school football coach and I love being a mom/wife of active children/husband. Our fifth, coming this late summer, is a girl! As far as professionally, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Northwest Christian College, now known as Bushnell University. I have been an
educator for 13 years and really education has been a part of my life much longer than that! It has always been a dream of mine since an early age to become a teacher. I love the fact that children have this opportunity to learn from anywhere. All children learn differently, and I am glad to be a part of this staff! I have taught virtually before, and I know from experience it is not about where you are learning, it is about the learner.

  • 13 years as an educator
  • B.S. Degree

Bridgett Nix



Middle School Aide

My name is Bridgett Nix. I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. I have been teaching for 9 years in Union, South Carolina. My husband is Daniel and he is in the SC Army National Guard. We will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this June. We have 2 children, Micah and Madelyn. Micah is 8 years old and currently in the 3rd grade. Micah races motocross and is very passionate about the sport. Madelyn is 5 years old and currently in 4 year old kindergarten. Maddi takes gymnastics, but enjoys riding her dirt bike around the yard as well! I am excited to begin my career with On Track! Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised, so spend each day with those that you love, and do what makes you happy!

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education
  • Cancer Survivor
  • Proud Mom

Theresa Ferry



Accounts Receivable Specialist

I’m very excited to be joining the On Track team!! I retired from the public school system after 36 years and in my last 21 years I was an elementary school bookkeeper. After being retired 2 years found myself needing structure in my day so now I’m so looking forward to joining the On Track team and working and helping in any way I can!

  • 21 years experience

Kylie Cisneros



2nd-3rd Grade Learning Coach

I live in Florida with my husband and five children. My oldest son and husband race motocross, so we spend a lot of time traveling as a family to races. When we are not at the track, we are usually at the beach! I have been teaching for 6 years, and previously worked as a Behavioral Counselor for children and adolescents. I am passionate about mental health and education, and my goal is to inspire children to develop a love for learning.

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • ESOL certified
  • 9 Years of professional experience working with children

Destiny Pinkston



Exceptional Coach Aide

I have worked in an educational setting for the past 15 years. I have experience in working in both the general and special education settings as well as school counseling. I am also currently an LPC-A and truly find purpose in helping others understand their mental health and process through emotions and life tasks. My son races motocross, so our family travels a lot! I love that OnTrack provides my son with a flexible school schedule as well as me the opportunity to work from anywhere. I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals.

  • 15 years of educational experience
  • Certified Teacher Pre-K-8th grade
  • Certified Special Education K-12th grade
  • Certified School Counselor
  • LPC-A (licensed professional counselor associate

Samantha Renfro



Clerical Assistant and Tutor

Hey! My name is Samantha Renfro and I am beyond excited to be a part of the On Track Family. I am a part of the Kappa Delta sisterhood. I strive each day to empower other people and be the best person I can be. I have three brothers and am the only girl. I graduated from Lowndes High School, and during my high school career I was cheer captain and on the swim team. I am currently a college student at Valdosta State University, go blazers! I am working towards my degree in health sciences for physical therapy. I am also a certified swim instructor, safety around water teacher, and lifeguard. In my spare time, I absolutely adore making scrapbooks and painting! I cannot wait to see how On Track helps me grow!

  • On Track School Tutor

Mary Jelmberg



9-12 Learning Coach

My name is Mary Jelmberg and I am so thrilled to call On Track my home! From a young age, I always knew teaching was my calling. I would wake my younger brother up at 6am Saturday mornings to attend my make shift school room complete with assignments and full schedule of events! Teaching is my passion and anyone who knows me knows that I put 110% into it day in and day out. I live for teaching because I love connecting with students and bringing that enthusiasm to their lives. I am honored and blessed to be part of On Track and can’t wait to spread the excitement of learning to all I teach. Let’s go learn!

  • BA in Education
  • MA in Education
  • Educational Technology Specialist
  • Loves everything Math related
  • ESOL endorsed and Gifted education experience

Connor Sapp



High School Aide

My name is Connor Sapp and I am a high school teacher’s aide. I am currently a senior at Valdosta State University pursuing a degree in education. I think my favorite thing about On Track is how accessible help is for students whenever they need it. When I am not working with On Track or on schoolwork you can find me jogging, hanging out with friends, or bingeing TV shows.

  • Pursuing Education Degree