World Teachers’ Day

It is an honor to celebrate World Teachers’ Day to recognize the contribution made by teachers across the globe who invest their heart, time, and talent to make education possible. At On Track School, it is our accredited teaching staff, known at OTS as “learning coaches,” who empower our students to engage and excel. 

Augusta Downey teaches grades 9-12. She believes orientation and the first goal meeting are a vital part of creating a relationship with each student. “Showing them you are interested in them as a student makes a huge difference, in my opinion. In the first goal meeting with the student I ask them to share three words or phrases that help me learn more about them. After each word or phrase I ask an additional question. I keep these words or phrases in a notebook and reference them in all following meetings!”

Rick Oehlhof also teaches grades 9-12. He loves helping students work through and develop their own approach to learning or goals that encompasses the tenets of adaptability and flexibility.  “I believe this helps them recognize and then effectively manage the different obstacles they will encounter.  In the long run, it becomes a mindset that I believe will help them in all aspects of life.”  

Tiffany Dahnke teaches grades 6-8. She believes being positive and encouraging when interacting with students makes all the difference.  “This helps them to understand that working with me is judgement free and I am going to do everything I can to ‘meet them where they are at’.”

I’m sharing these three, powerful voices from our educators though there are many in the On Track family. Follow our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for future teacher highlights. 

Thank you to all teachers. Your collective investment in educating the next generation is a contribution of immeasurable proportions. I encourage every student and parent to take a moment and thank your teacher—today and everyday.

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