Why Choose Our California-Based Accredited Online K-12 Private School During COVID-19?

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the world we live in. Not only has this virus caused a lot of angst related to our family’s health and finances, but the idea of sending our kids back to school amidst the chaos doesn’t sit right with many parents. If you fall into this category, On Track School, an online K-12 private school based in California, provides many benefits.

Less Worry About COVID-19 Spread

The Mayo Clinic indicates that the coronavirus “appears to spread easily among people.” Further, reducing this spread requires staying six feet apart and avoiding touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.

All of these actions are counterintuitive to kids. While having them wear masks and installing partition desks may help, the reality is that rules such as these are going to be hard to enforce. This is even truer for younger children or kids who have a tough time remembering what not to do.

Eliminates the Stress of Homeschooling Yourself

Teaching is both a skill and an art. It also requires a ton of patience, especially when the student you’re trying to help learn something new is your own.

Instead of stressing over which techniques work best or how to present the information in a way they’ll understand, let On Track School take care of this for you. Our California-based accredited online K-12 private school employs a number of qualified, caring teachers who can help your child learn in a way that they actually enjoy!

Provides Kids Social Activities in Addition to Education

Kids are social creatures. They like to engage and interact. Typically, this is a good quality to have. But during COVID-19, when “social distancing” has become the new norm, the desire to be around others can instill fear in most any parent.

That’s why we offer students access to online social activities, both one-to-one and in mini groups. This gives children the ability to meet with other kids without risking their health—or the health of other family members—along the way.

Access to Educational Resources from Anywhere in the World

If your kids go to public school, vacations and other family outings must be planned around times when school is out. Summer vacation, Christmas, and spring break become your only options if you want to get away.

Yet, when your kids attend our California-based accredited online K-12 private school, you aren’t saddled to a specific time off. As long as you have access to the internet, your children can keep up with their studies wherever you are, even if you’re halfway across the world.

To learn more about On Track School and what our accredited online K-12 private school has to offer, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, contact us today!

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