The Google Revolution Is Your Educational Advantage

Like many search providers, the Google revolution started from humble beginnings. Many people were taken back by Google’s uncluttered look on their homepage, but it wasn’t long after their launch in 1998 that Google became the dominant force in online searching.

As Google developed, their team created their own mantra: “Don’t be evil.” And they have been very true to their mission by being “not evil” to information-seekers as well as the people that provide answers to Google’s user questions.

In addition to the search tools made freely available, Google offers a free suite of online productivity tools and cloud storage, and comprehensible educational programs for educators and students appropriately named Google For Education.

With online education for K-12 schools, colleges and websites like Khan Academy and Lynda joining the Google revolution, the definitive 21st Century skill has become quality self-directed learning.

But more importantly, the ultimate question becomes not what school you have chosen– but by which device are you attending? 😁

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