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From: CA, USA | Age: 14 | Sports:  | Interests/Hobbies: , ,

Hi, my names Taylor Herald. I'm a girl motocross racer that has big dreams. My first race was in July of 2020. That was were my racing addiction started. Started doing SwapMoto in the summer time and kept going until now. I have gone to Loretta Lynn's Ranch in the Girls 11-16 class. In the future I hope to become and professional SMX athlete. I race almost every boy class I can get into. I am now located in the hills of Hemet with a 40 acre ranch. I ride and train every single day that's possible. If I'm not home, I'm either out practicing for a race the next day or I'm racing. I have a YouTube channel that I upload on almost every week (Go Subscribe Taylor 669). I've recently started to get recognized by my fans that watch me. The first fan that I have met started racing because they saw my video and wanted to do what I was doing. As I get older I hope to keep encouraging and inspiring more little girls to try and not give up. It might be difficult for me to become a Professional but I know I can do it. Thanks to all my sponsors , family and The Lord Jesus Christ for helping and guiding me through this amazing journey. If you would like to check out my YouTube go search up Taylor 669 and don't forget to Subscribe. Check out my Instagram @taylorh_669 as well.

"Winners never quit and quitters never win" - Vince Lombardi

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