Jett Rau


From: Montana, United States | Age: 9 | Sports: , | Interests/Hobbies:

Hello, I am Jett Rau,
I love to race Motocross, I have been racing all over trying to get some experience. I made it to Loretta Lynns again this year in the 50cc 4-6 class, I WON my 1st Moto by 18 seconds, I finished 9th in my second Moto after a bit of badluck with my bike & finished with a 2nd in my 3rd Moto... I finished the week with 3rd overall but I was so happy finishing on the podium!
I also love to snow ski, ride my scooter & bike at the skate park, play hockey & swim. I love to be outdoors with my parents & 2 dogs, Indy & Thor. I love to learn new things, but most of all I love to have Fun!

"Be Kind to All Kinds!"

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