Christopher Harris


From: TX, USA | Age: 14 | Sports:  | Interests/Hobbies: , ,

Hi - my name is Christopher and I'm a 7th grader here at On Track. I race motocross and train full time at TAPT House in Malakoff, TX. I just started doing some Freestyle riding as well. I have an older brother, Austin, who races professionally and also is one of the trainers at TAPT House. My older sister, Adyson, is a Preschool teacher and currently lives in Durango, Colorado. My parents, Tim and Angie, travel all over for me in order to help me chase my dreams.

When I have some free time, I like to play golf, fish, hunt, ride horses and hang with my friends.

You reap what you sow....put good vibes out into the world, and you'll get good vibes back. ~My Mom~

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