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Several years back when our lives were so busy and traveling conflicted with the schedule of mainstream school, I enrolled two of my children in stay on track with Andrea Leib. I had two kids with two different learning styles and working with Andrea and her creativity made school exciting and interesting for them. My son graduated and received his diploma and after studying with Andrea, my daughter was well ahead of her classmates once she entered back into mainstream high school."

Kristen Villopoto, Paulsboro, WA

On Track School has given me a great learning experience. Since I enrolled in On Track School last fall, I have been able to balance school and motocross. I would like to thank all of my teachers and most of all, Mrs. Andrea, for everything they have done for me. By working around my riding schedule and helping me throughout the school year, I’ve been able to stay on track.

Taryn Nemergut, On Track School Junior


On Track School has been the optimal solution for me to balance school and motocross. Prior to On Track School, it was difficult for me to be able to go to the track twice or even once on the weekends. Many occasions, I was not able to go at all because of the strict daily homework deadlines. Since I have entered On Track School, I have been able to go to the track and go to the gym and still be able to come home and do schoolwork. On Track School also permits me to work at my own pace but challenged me to be organized, unlike regular school. With due dates for homework being on a weekly basis, this requires me to devise my own way to make sure I complete all of my assignments on time and to not fall behind. In short, On Track School has allowed me to achieve my personal goals while maintaining a highly successful yet challenging educational experience. 

Matthew Bain, student

What our parents and students love most about On Track School:

I am a 9th grader with On Track School. I have been home schooled since 2nd grade and have been a student with On Track since I was in the 4th grade when my mom became a learning coach for On Track School. My parents began home schooling for various reasons but we have continued so that my sisters and I have the freedom to travel and sing. It is difficult for a young person who wants to reach for out-of-the-box experiences to get the time off from public school. I am very thankful for On Track and for the freedom it allows me to follow my dreams. I, along with my family, sing in a bluegrass/country band. I play bass, banjo, and guitar as well as sing needed lead and harmony parts. I enjoy very much being on stage and entertaining. We chose bluegrass music due to its American roots and the overall wholesomeness of the music. I also enjoy cooking, cake decorating, twirling baton, and photography. I do plan to keep singing and playing; however, oddly enough I do not plan to study music in college but wish to gain a degree in journalism where I can utilize my photography skills.  On Track has granted me the privilege to learn and seek out my dreams and expectations. Who could ask for more in a school? 

Erica Ezell, student

On Track has motivated my child to go for goals he never thought possible. While maintaining an "A" average in all subjects, this school has given him flexibility in his training schedule. Feeling successful is extremely important to our family and "On Track" does a wonderful job of recognizing students and their efforts. Thank you ON TRACK!!! 

Kathryn Eversole, Navasoto, TX


Trey was so excited to finish his high school work with Andrea.  It gave him a real sense of worth to earn a diploma.  He still displays it next to his trophies!

Kari Canard, parent