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Ashlee Dubruiel



Growing up in small town West Tennessee, I constantly played outside with the neighborhood kids where I found my love for nature and sports. I took to basketball which is how Bethel University became my college choice. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English in 2011 and continued with my Master’s degree in Education in 2013. I began teaching 7th grade English in 2012 and after four years, moved up to teach 10th grade English. In May of this year, I moved across the country to California where I have found a love for the beach, hiking, and consistent sunshine. As a child and now as an adult, I find learning to be an important aspect of life. I am grateful to have chosen teaching as my profession to help others find a love for learning and growing. I am excited to continue teaching the students at On Track for a second year. I can’t wait to see what they can accomplish both inside and outside the classroom!


As well as founding and running On Track School, Andrea also has been awarded several times for her pursuing interest in education. She is currently finishing her PhD in student education.
B.S. Degree Education
English Specialist
Course Development
Nature & Sports Enthusiast
“One of the many benefits of our program is that the world becomes your classroom since learning takes place anytime and anywhere.”


Follow Andrea on a guided tour through our video and website and get your own personal experience of On Track School.


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