Sage Tangler


From: Colorado, United States | Age: 14 | Sports:  | Interests/Hobbies:

I’m always up for anything sports related and approach every challenge with a positive attitude. I have three brothers who try to keep up with me. I played one year of tackle football receiving the Sportsmanship Award in the championship game. I wrestled for two years and placed 3rd in girls for All State in 2018 and 2nd in States for co-ed and 2nd in girls for my weight classes in 2019. I played two seasons of lacrosse and last year was chosen by the opposing team for their Sportsmanship Award during playoffs. In September of 2019, after my lacrosse season ended, I decided to give motocross a try at the Rocky Mountain Riders Association's (RMRA) State Championship race and placed 4th overall in the Girls Jr. 9-12 yrs. What a rush, I love racing and motocross is the sport for me. December of 2019 marks the beginning of my first full motocross season.

Look in the Mirror.... That's your competition.

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