Callen Young


From: ohio, United States | Age: 19 | Sports:  | Interests/Hobbies:

Anyone who knows me has most certainly experienced my fun loving, outgoing, social, helpful, caring, and determined, faith driven competitive spirit.
After about 1 year of back yard riding my neighbors encouraged my dad into taking me to a local Motocross track in 2010, and 10 years later, I still can’t get enough. It’s truly a way of life.
In the past decade I have achieved many of my goals and experienced the highs and the lows of this competitive sport, which has only made me love it even more. These experiences and lessons that I have learned from, have helped shape me into the young man that I have become. I am a diligent worker with savvy intuition, and analytical thinking. These lessons and tools I have learned will last a lifetime. This year has been a dream come true. I have qualified in 3 classes for the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship in Tennessee. At the Mid East Regional race at Ironman Raceway, I accomplished a 1s​ t​ place finish in the 450c Class, a 3r​ d​ place finish in the 125c Class and a 4t​ h​ place finish in the 250c Class. The 450c and 250c Classes where a great accomplishment on their own, as I was competing on a smaller under powered 150 two stroke in both of these classes. At Loretta’s I finished 4t​ h​ overall in the 125c with and 23r​ d​ in the 450c. What an Awesome experience! I am determined and very much looking forward to future growth in the sport and adding as much momentum to Motocross, and future

"This ain't no hobby."
"The only easy day was yesterday."

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