Scholarship Race at Fox Raceway’s Cal Classic

The Scholarship Race idea was conceived four years ago when the AMA and On Track School began to consider what a scholarship program might look like for motorcycle athletes. Considering that there has never been such an opportunity, we began to explore programs that have been successful and in time came up with a blueprint. In 2019, the Woods family at Georgia Practice Facility stepped up and offered to host the first race and coined the Cash for Class race and the hard work that went into the planning proved to be successful.

Successful accomplishments do not happen overnight and they take committed individuals who demonstrate a passion for a meaningful cause, have a sense of servant leadership and see the greater good. In 2019, over $12,500 was raised by local businesses toward the 1st event and in 2020, the donations were doubled as the concept gained traction in the racing industry. To date over $24,000 has been paid in scholarship certificates. This November will mark round 3 of the Cash for Class Scholarship Race at GPF and the sky is the limit.

Participation couldn’t be simpler. Parents open a 529 account which is an Educational Savings Plan. Racers earn certificates worth dollars in designated classes from 1st-10th place. Certificates are cashed in and funds are transferred electronically. Funds from 529 accounts can be used at the parents discretion toward college, vocational, or private K-12 education.

Now west coast racers will have the opportunity at the Cal Classic to earn money toward furthering their education with a proven track record. Watching the smiles of riders and families in multiple classes earning real money toward education is priceless. What is even more encouraging is the community that it takes to ensure that donations are collected to support the Scholarship Races.

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